Who we Help

The Trust can provide individual one-off grants of up to £1,000 to young people to help them overcome financial barriers to achieve their education, training or employment goals in the motor industry. We help with items such as course fees costs, tools and living costs and anything else that would support a young person completing their qualification allowing them to progress in the industry.

We also continue to provide welfare grants for items such as white goods, replacement carpets, respite breaks and home adaptations for individuals who are currently, or have been, employed in the motor industry.

The Trust works with a number of organisations and charities including the Scottish Motor Trade Association, the Institute of Motor Industry, the Retail Motor Industry Federation and the Motor and Allied Trades Benevolent Fund.


Here are some examples of support the Trust has provided:


T is a trainee at a Parts Distribution Centre. He has Type 1 diabetes and a complication caused by diabetes which causes weakened bones in the feet. He had six months off work due to a break in one of his foot bones. He needs bespoke, specialist steel toe-cap shoes to protect and support his feet while at work. These shoes are not available on the NHS.

The Trust helped with £250 towards the cost of T’s work shoes.

S needed help with the cost of driving lessons and a theory test enabling him to drive to work and College where he was doing a motor vehicle apprenticeship.

The Trust were able to help S with a grant of £710 towards the cost of both.

H came to the UK from Iraq. He was doing an apprenticeship and cycling to College. Despite the challenges of living alone, English as a second language and financial difficulties H has been impressive in meeting the mechanical challenges on his course.

The Trust helped H with a grant of £1000 towards the cost of work items, living and travel costs.


N lives with his father and, until recently, his father’s partner, whom he got on well with. However, he has fallen out with his father. He is living temporarily with his girlfriend and her flat-mate. The flat is cramped and it takes him 2 hours to get to and from work (as opposed to ten minutes when he was living at home). His fuel costs have risen considerably. He is upset about the breakdown of the relationship with his father. He wants to move closer to his work and near to friends however, he cannot afford the deposit and rental advance for a flat.

The Trust helped with the cost of the flat deposit.